Technically advanced – Technical textiles

Technical textiles surround us in everyday life without their performance being visible.
Areas of technical textiles in general:

  • automotive (e.g. airbags, seatbelts, interior detail)
  • protective clothing / PSA (heat protection, ballistics and needleguard)
  • industry (filtration, tapes)
  • geotextiles (road construction)

As manifold its applications are, as challenging are its requirements for textile materials.

Our experienced qualified personnel know the special requirements of the different application areas. On demand they deve­lop innovative products for customized desires and realize solutions on a short term basis. Our attention is always aimed at providing economical solutions which cover aspects of sustainability as well as process safety.

The automotive sector belongs to our primary core competences and up to today Aurich is a reliable partner in this industry. Our high grade woven and knitted fabrics and velour’s outfit a numerous of high premium car interiors. According to the costumers’ requirements we coat or seal the carrier fabric and dye them following specifications. There are practically no limits to your demands.

Some applications of our technical fabrics are listed below:

  • filter
  • automotive
  • mosquito gaze
  • carpet backing
  • tapes
  • hoses
  • expansion joint
  • shoes
  • blinders
  • hook and loop fastener
  • screens
  • kevlar

Product examples technical textiles

Art. No. Application area Weight  [g/qm] Material
616 Hydraulic hoses / industrial textiles 240 100 % PES Woven velours
2188 Anti-rattle, protection for sliding roofs/ automotive 170 100 % PA.6 Velour
6071 Lining carriers/ automotive 85 100 % PES Woven fabric
6096 Lining carriers / automotive 160 100 % PES Woven fabric
3063 Sealing material in wet areas/ construction industry 60 100% PES Knitted fabric
6095 Shower curtains/ use in wet areas 200 100% PES Woven fabric
6117 Wiring harness, tapes /automotive 130 100% PES Woven fabric
6144 Hydraulic hoses / industrial textiles 60 100% PES Woven fabric
6175 Tapes/ leather goods 102 100% PA 6.6 Woven fabric
6351 Reinforcements / shoes 72 100% PA Woven fabric
2147 Label material/ clothing industry 55 100% PES Knitted fabric